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Upcoming Books

Do you find it hard to keep up with all the exciting new books due to be published? Do you wish there was one handy list that had all the best ones in one place, arranged by date?


Then you’re in luck! I’ve listed below everything that is currently available to pre-order on Bert’s Books – I’ll update it regularly too, so keep this page bookmarked and come back regularly! AND finally, if there’s anything you’re desperate to get your hands on, that you can’t find below, then let me know!


25th November 2021

2nd December 2021

9th December 2021

6th January 2022

11th January 2022

13th January 2022

20th January 2022

3rd February 2022

17th February 2022

22nd February 2022

24th February 2022

1st March 2022

3rd March 2022

8th March 2022

15th March 2022

17th March 2022

24th March 2022

5th April 2022

14th April 2022

28th April 2022

26th May 2022

1st September 2022

13th October 2022