How It Works

Bert’s Books Bundles are really simple – we do all the hard work for you!


Every month we sift through all the new releases to pick out the very best books for each of the bundles that we have on our site.


What do I need to do?

Just pick which bundle (or bundles) you want to receive and then take them to the checkout. Every month, we’ll automatically take payment and send out a parcel of brilliant books to any address in the UK.


What sort of titles will I receive?

Bert’s Books specialises in bringing you the very best titles by the very best authors. We’re always on the hunt for new and undiscovered talent so you’ll be among the first to read the next big thing.


When will I receive them?

We’ll always send out our bundles at the beginning of each month, so you should receive them by the 7th of each month. The only exception to this will be on the rare occasion when we won’t be able to send them out until the second week because of publication dates.


You can check our blog at the beginning of each month to find out what the titles are and when you’ll receive them.


When will you take payment

We’ll automatically take payment in the month before we send the books – so if you sign up on the 31st March you’ll receive your first bundle in April.


If you sign up on the 1st April – we’ll send your first bundle out in May.


Then what do I do?

As soon you’ve received your books, just sit back, read and enjoy!


Once you’ve finished your books, please come back and rate the titles you’ve read – not only will it help us make sure we’re sending you the right books but it will help other readers pick out their next favourite book!


How do I cancel my subscription?

We can’t imagine a scenario where you would want to cancel, but in the unlikely event you can manage your subscriptions in your account – or contact us directly and we can do it for you.