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Frequently Asked Questions

What is an FAQ?

It’s a frequently asked question. As in a question that gets asked a lot. If you’ve got a question and think you’re probably not the first person to ask it, then the answer to it might be here.


How much does delivery cost?

If you’re in the UK, delivery is absolutely free! Hurrah! We send our books out on a 48 hour service with Royal Mail.

If, however, you want our priority service, you can pay an £3 at the checkout and we’ll bump you up to the top of the list and send your parcel out within two days (if we can get the stock, of course).

You can also select to pick the book(s) up in store, which will cost you – and us – nothing!


What about if I’m not in the UK?

It’s a flat rate of £9 per parcel but, unfortunately, I’m not able to send books to the EU because of complicated tax rules.

Please note, I am limited to a weight of 2kg per parcel, which roughly equates to 3 hardbacks or 6 paperbacks, depending on the size of books bought. If you are buying multiple books from overseas, please contact before placing your order.

You may receive an email following your order advising of additional shipping charges.


When are books dispatched?

Books are dispatched every weekday (not including bank holidays), and ideally your book will be dispatched within five days of being ordered. I’ll let you know if it’s going to be longer than that.

If you need your book by a certain day for a birthday, etc, just let me know and I’ll do my best to move it up the queue.


I’ve been told my book has been dispatched but it’s not here yet – where is it?

We send our parcels with Royal Mail on a 48 hour service, but they can take up to two weeks to arrive. If you haven’t received your books two weeks after you’ve had a dispatch notice, email me and I’ll look into it for you.


What are the subscription bundles?

They contain the best new releases on the website. Whether your tastes are for non-fiction, crime or young adult fiction, we can provide you with the very best books that are hot off the printing press.


When do I get the books I’ve subscribed to?

Standard monthly subscriptions are sent out at the end of each month, with the aim that you’ll get them on the 1st of the month. Orenda books, however, are dispatched by the 15th of each month. All other subscriptions are dispatched within five working days of their renewal.


What do I do if I get a book I’ve already read or don’t want in a subscription?

All the books in the subscriptions will have been released in the previous four weeks (although paperbacks may have previously been hardbacks) but anything that doesn’t tickle your fancy can be returned via the returns policy. You should never get a duplicate of a book you’ve bought from Bert’s previously – and If you let me know on Twitter or via email of the stuff you might have bought from another retailer (?!) , I’ll try my best to remember that too.


And what exactly is that returns policy?

If you want to return something, let me know within 14 days of receiving it, then post it back. You’ll have to cover the costs of postage, but it’s up to you whether you choose a tracked delivery. As soon as the book is back with me, your money will be refunded.


What happens if my book arrives damaged?

That’s no problem. Just let me know, and I’ll replace it!

Overseas customers may experience some minor cosmetic damage due to local couriers. While we will pack the parcel to minimise this, we cannot guarantee it won’t happen and replacements will not be offered in these instances.

Overseas collectors should be aware of this before placing their order that we do not guarantee mint condition books.


When do you take payment for the subscriptions?

Payment is automatically taken in the month before you receive the books, so if you sign up on the 30th April, you’ll receive your first bundle in May, but if you sign up on 1st May, your first bundle will be with you in June.


How do I cancel my subscription?

I can’t imagine why you’d want to, but you can manage all your subscriptions within your account, or contact us directly to have it sorted for you.


What’s all this about Bert Points?

For every £1 you spend on the website, you’ll get 50 Bert Points. 50 Points is worth 5p off your next purchase. One £20 book, for example, will accrue you 1000 points, which is £1 off your next order. Bargain! You’ll be reminded at the purchase point that you’ve got points to spend.


Is there an upper limit of Bert Points I can have?

You can spend as many as you can accrue, but they expire after six months.


Why can’t I find the book I want?

Everything on the website is there because Bert has read it and loved it, or because a customer has requested it. This ensures a high quality of stock available – these are all good books. If you would like a book added, contact You can also find me us on Twitter at @bertsbooks, but an email means you’re less likely to get missed.


Why haven’t you replied to my email?

I try and email you back as soon as possible, but sometimes this might be a couple of days depending on how many emails we’ve got. We’ll always answer urgent emails right away. Double check your junk mail folder too – just in case!


Will you put the book I wrote on the website?

If I’ve read it and think it’s good, or if a customer requests it, certainly.


Will you read my book?

Ask your publisher to send me a proof and I’ll take a look. If you don’t have a publisher, then email me the details of your book and if I want to read it, I’ll ask you to send a copy over. I can’t read digital books, I’m afraid, and I can’t respond to every author request.


What is your favourite flavour of crisps?

Salt and vinegar, best served in a sandwich with a Dairylea cheese triangle. (Other cheeses are available.)


What is your favourite book?

There is not enough time to get into this…