86 – Volume 2


The San Magnolia Republic has long been under attack by unmanned weaponsfrom the neighboring Empire. Against this onslaught, the Republic has alsodeployed similar weapons, narrowly avoiding great loss of life and impendingdisaster-or at least that’s how it seemed. The truth is that it has neverbeen possible to have no casualties.

Young men and women drawn from theRepublic’s supposedly non-existent 86th district are organized into the “86unit” and then ordered to pilot the “unmanned weapons” before heading tobattle

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A collective sigh of reliefis exhaled as Lena, Shin, and the others enjoy a hard-won peace. But no truemember of the Spearhead squadron can avoid battle forever, and these fewsurvivors welcome it. They willingly walk back through the gates of hell, readyto resume the fight against the Legion, emboldened by full hearts, freshperspectives, and…a new friend.

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